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Fri, Oct 23.20
  The Art Of Marcus C. Thomas

Petite Prints™ Signed Open Edition Prints

Signed Only. These are not numbered.


The Petite Prints™ Collection
Framing Sample
Secondary Image
Looks great as a pair

The Petite Prints™ Collection

Open edition prints

The petite scale makes this art a perfect fit for gallery walls and places where space is limited.

Image size: 9"w x 9"h

Outside paper dimensions: 11.75 x 11.75

giving you ample room for adding mat & frame

Signed by Marcus C. Thomas - The Artist

Note: Framed samples shown have an outside dimension of 16"w x 16"h

* At this time we do not shipped framed items.

Framed print available at shows only.

Jun 10, 19/ Annie Thomas/ Introduction/