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“Flight of the Mind: A Painter's Journey through Paralysis” depicts the life and work of Marcus C. Thomas, an accomplished artist who discovered the joy of painting after surviving a snow skiing accident that rendered him paralyzed from the shoulders down. Through art, Marcus found new and beautiful expression for his love of nature and avid imagination.

The coffee-table book treats the reader to 200 full-color images of Marcus' paintings, spanning twenty-five years. Sampling artwork and sketches from each stage of his career, the book offers insight into the evoloution of an artist's technique and message. We see how, from the first watercolor depictions of wildlife to his recent magical realism oil narratives, Marcus embarks on a journey that continues today, crossing thresholds, delving into new mediums, exploring new ways of seeing and new ways of sharing a creative vision.

Accompanying the artwork, the book also tells the story of Marcus' life and explores how the the themes of flight, adventure and the natural world have remained constants since his childhood. Another constant is the love of his wife, Anne, who, as companion, co-conspirator and caretaker, makes Marcus's art possible. The narrative biography gives a compelling glimpse into how Anne & Marcus have established daily rituals that sustain their creative journey.

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Mr. Thomas

 Hardcover linen bound
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Hardcover linen bound
  custom-press book with   dustcover; dimensions

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Flight of the Mind CD of the   Complete Narrative Text.   Narrative Text read by
  author Leslee N. Johnson.

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“It was hard for me to believe it was possible . . . to create images of such exquisite design and detail without a normal working set of hands and fingers to control the process (which I take for granted). . . Yet there it was. A man without the use of his hands, and learning to paint from scratch by himself, does every day as a matter of routine, what defeated me in 30 minutes!”

— Richard Schmid, artist and author of Alla Prima: Everything I Know About Painting
“Marcus’ work is a stunning tribute to the courage and dedication of a true artist – this man not only possesses great skill, but pure natural talent. Linger over each beautiful page. For when you do, Flight of the Mind will refresh and inspire your heart!”

— Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center
“Through the story and artwork in Flight of the Mind, Marcus and Anne share their hard journey and wisdom with the world. God speaks through them of the purest of love and anyone can learn from them. We all need to pay attention.”

— Andie MacDowell, actress
“With their bright colors and flight, birds make a marvelous subject and an interesting parallel to Marcus’ wonderful outlook on life. . . Through tenacity and boldness of spirit Marcus orchestrated life’s circumstances to find his life’s work. His paintings, like his attitude towards life, are similar to the birds he paints; colorful, cheery and beautiful to see.”

— Ed Hatch, portrait and landscape artist
Marcus’ work is imaginative, skillful and true in a hauntingly soulful way. His brushwork is flawless and his colors sing. His compositions are thoughtful. It’s just flat out amazing work and you certainly don’t need to know his story to admire his work. But read this book anyway. You’ll be amazed all over again.

— Julie Speed, artist